• Snaps can now be saved to the image viewer (#64)

  • Snaps can now be saved as tiff files (#75)

  • Resolved the issue of not being able to run scans with only one positioner or only one laser

  • Fixed the step up/down buttons not working properly for multi-axis positioners

  • Fixed the api.imcontrol.setDetectorToRecord method not working

A list of all code changes is available on GitHub:…v1.2.1



  • Saving multi-detector and timelapse recordings in a single file is now supported (#53)

  • Selecting specific detectors to record is now supported (#52)

  • It is now possible to edit values/on-off-state of non-involved lasers during scanning (#51)

  • The image reconstruction module now allows reconstructing all loaded data files (e.g. multi-file timelapses) into a single reconstruction (#34)

  • The documentation has been improved (#61, #63)

  • Fixed the SLM widget causing crashes on macOS (#57)

  • Fixed the module picker being empty in standalone Windows bundles (#55)

A list of all code changes is available on GitHub:…v1.2.0



  • ImSwitch is now available to install from PyPI, and standalone Windows bundles are also available to download from the releases page on GitHub. (#38)

  • User configuration files are now saved to an appropriate user directory. On Windows, this is the documents directory, and on other operating systems it’s the user’s home directory. (#40)

  • Added a Tools menu item for setting active modules. (#27)

  • Added an image shifting tool to the hardware control module. (#30)

  • Added support for presets to laser widget. (#25)

  • The laser widget is now a vertical list instead of a horizontal one. (#24)

  • Resolved the issue of timelapse recordings sometimes containing too few frames. (#33)

A list of all code changes is available on GitHub:…v1.1.0


Initial release.